Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Enye Easy Kraaa

Well hello everyone, sorry I am really late getting you an email, but it’s been a really hectic week with preparing for transfers and preparing for Elder Bbosa to go home.  Well I’ll say that sending him off Monday morning was a really hard thing, but he has done his work and will now return to Uganda to keep doing this work.  I guess now you may be wondering who my new companion will be, well his name is Elder Nuamah. He is a Ghanaian and I believe from Takoradi on the coast. He has been a zone leader now for 4 transfers and he actually was Elder Snow (my trainer) last companion. So for me I’m really excited to serve with him, it will be awesome!

As far as the work goes, this week was very slow, Elder Bbosa was really tired and even I have been battling sickness. I ended up going to the hospital today to get some tests done and I’ll be okay I just need to rest a lot and keep on my medicine.

the good news is that Ibrahim came to church again on Sunday, although it was late so he wasn’t able to be confirmed but we are planning on that for this week.

Well that is about it for this week. not too much happened.

I’m sorry this is so short but my strength is completely gonzo and I gotta rest cause tomorrow we go to Kumasi for transfers. I’m looking forward to recovering and being back to 100%.

I love you all!
Elder Porritt

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