Monday, October 17, 2016

When my body begs for rest...Remember HIM

Well fine afternoon to you all, this week has been a really slow one to say the least with not too much action due to a sickness that came to Elder Bbosa, he had a terrible cold for like 3 days so the work was about non existent, he is pretty tired and goes home next week but he is still going along and we are still getting along great, he has been one of my favorite companions cause he is a hilarious guy and we have gotten along great. 

Well i guess one highlight of the week was a companion exchange, i went out to a TINY village called Domeabra (its a little smaller than BRC)  and i was with Elder Porter from Delta Utah who is just a few months out on mission right now. We really had a great day, except for it was the first time i experience dumsor (light out) since i came to Nkawkaw. But we still had a sweet time together and i was really surprised to see how much he already knows for just being out here for such a small time, he really is a powerful missionary.

Another great moment for the week was yesterday, Sister Stella was confirmed in Sacrament meeting, she is really so happy for all that has happened with her baptism and confirmation and she is really doing amazing. As for Ibra, well we are struggling seriously with him. We don't actually know what is wrong, because when we went there all week, he was really anxious for his confirmation as well, and promising that he would be there, well he didn't show again yesterday, and we got a call from one of the members who stays right by him and he said that Ibra's mom told him that he (Ibra) had dressed up for church the last two weeks and left like he was coming to church but hasn't showed up either week... so we will be doing some digging to see whats up cause something is wrong there..

Probably the coolest thing that happened this week came on Friday. We were going to see one of our investigators, Ellen, and we reached the house and she was just coming outside to weed her yard. now when i say yard, its not like the yards at home, it consists of dirt and a LOT of rocks and a lot of weeds, and to make things awesome, they use a cutless (basically a really really dull machete) to weed it. So we helped her weed that rock infested yard which was really some work. If you think weeding back home is hard, come to Ghana and you'll see real weeding. About 30 minutes in, i was getting a huge blister on my hand and i was about to just stop cause my knees and back hurt from squatting down, and my hand was on fire, when i had that thought come into my mind, it was countered by another thought. Into my mind came Henry B Eyring's voice which was from that video that i shared with you last week about the Atonement and missionary work, the voice said "when my body begs for rest, i give myself this rallying cry, 'remember Him!' " at that point, i just remembered my Savior Jesus Christ suffering for my pains, and miraculously, the pain in my hand and back and knees completely disappeared.  I felt a new strength in my body and I also felt the Spirit rush over me. That was a very amazing moment for me. I KNOW that Jesus Christ suffered for you and for me, for all we go through, for all we struggle with, for all of our pains and afflictions and temptations. And i now know with strong experience that if you call on Him and His atoning power in your times of pain and temptation, He WILL come to your side and lift you up. Remember Matthew 11:28-30. We have to Come unto Him and He will help us. I know He loves us each individually and His hand is always outstretched to grab us, we just need to reach. 

I love you all.
Elder Porritt

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