Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Thankful Heart

Well Happy Tuesday!  And also Happy Turkey Week for all you back in the states. This time of the year with Thanksgiving here, and Christmas on the way, i really miss all of you back home, but at the same time i dont think there is ANYTHING i would rather be doing right now than what im doing. I love so much the opportunity i have right now to be serving the people of Ghana. I love the work i do.  

This week was so amazing, i wish i had time to type all day, cause i could go on all day about how amazing this week was. 

The first amazing thing was Tuesday and Wednesday when my guy, Elder Hill came on exchanges.  It was the first time i have went and worked with Elder Hill which is weird seeing how much we have been together on mission and how close we have become, but it was the best day ever seriously. We started the exchange on Tuesday afternoon due to our our Zone council tuesday morning (which went well by the way). Elder Hill and i had a blast of a day and then he and his companion, Elder Asabere, spent the night in our apartment, and then Wednesday morning also we went out on the exchange til lunch and then the Assistants went back to Kumasi for meetings and stuff. It was such a great day to spend time with my good friend. And we took a lot of pictures haha. but we were able to teach a whole lot of people and even find a few new people who we hope will progress by reading the Book of Mormon. 

Other highlights came on Sunday, we had an Africa West Area Stake Conference Broadcast... wow that is a mouth full. but it was great and even though it was at the District Center which is far from our area, we had a few investigators come, as well as Brother Ibrahim, and he was wearing his white shirt, nice trousers, and tie that Elder Bbosa and I gave to him last transfer. We are looking forward to his confirmation next week. Also other progress is a guy called Sylvester. He is the younger brother of our Elders Quorom President, Brother Maxwell. we have been visiting and teaching him quite a lot lately, and finally he came to church on Sunday, we are really hoping that he felt the Spirit, cause in the church he regularly attends, they make a whole lot of noise and dance and all that apostate stuff. So he isnt used to the quiet and reverent mood of Church, we are just hoping and praying that things will work out with him. 

The other highlights came in the pictures. The one is us helping our Sunday School President, Brother Akpalu, and his wife Stella (who is an investigator (and a JW) move into their new house. and then the last one is at our version of the Turkey Bowl, we had a nice 6 man football match yesterday morning, which was a blast, I love playing soccer now, and i am getting pretty decent.

Well in the Thanksgiving Spirit, i would just like to express thanks to all of those of you who are my friends, and my family. Thank you for being so amazing to be in my life and to help me in all things. I am most thankful that my Heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross for my sins. Im thankful for the chance that i have to repent of my sins and be made clean through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and Im thankful to be a member of the only true Church on the Earth, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have truly learned to be thankful while serving around a humble people as these wonderful Ghanaians. I love every minute of it, and I am thankful for the chance I am taking to give back small to my Heavenly Father for all that He has given me. I love you all and pray that you have a safe and thankful week.

Love Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

This is a section from Elder Hill's letter that Elder Hill had sent to his family this week:

Well To say the least this past week was great! Many new experiences and testimony builders and countless amount of tender mercies from the lord. Everything in Ghana is great. Still hot as always but for me and my companion we are really enjoying with him having about 7 weeks left. Elder Asabere is from Ghana, Accra. We get a long great and think a lot alike. This week consisted of some driving for exchanges to different areas and its always entertaining because my companion can rap. He is talented. So for me and him we are just pressing forward. This week was full on our schedule with 2 exchanges. One of them was in Obuasi (my old area) and another was in Konongo. I’m getting a hang of the driving I would say by now. I fear for when I come back to the U.S that I could be in trouble with my sweet driving skills. 
This Tuesday we were able to go on exchanges in Konongo and I had the opportunity of going with Elder Porritt. Our exchanges was a day I will not forget. I can honestly say I felt the spirit the whole time and in every lesson and person we talked to. What a sweet feeling that was and I really enjoyed working with a close friend and even I would consider him a brother. While proselyting we came across many people that are a great potential. There was one man on the other side of the street that I felt we needed to greet. I wasn’t thinking about going and stopping him but I felt we needed to say something. As we discussed with him and handed him the book of Mormon to go and read he says “I will read, and I will read with my brothers at home, I have many and they will come.” This man was so happy, just like that. While discussing with him a lady passing on the road side just stopped next to us and was glancing at the Book of Mormon and then went her way. Not thinking much of it. It turned out she was interested and wanted to learn. Though she had walked away and was nowhere to be found. When we were heading back to the apartment this lady stopped us in the night and said, “It’s YOU!!” We meet!” She ended up meeting us on that dark dirt road in a complete different location and stopped us wanting to learn. At first I could even see her face it was so dark. I just figured it was probably a member. I leaned to Porritt and said, “Do you no her”? He looked at me with the same face of wonder? This lady then asked, “When are you coming to teach me”?  
I really enjoyed the exchanges with Elder Porritt and we both have that desire to work Hard but even he is someone who also has faith to move a mountain. We are a lot alike and we had a sweet time laying down doctrine and testifying back and forth to many. Especially Wednesday morning with the small time we had, we weren’t finding anyone and all the appointments fell through. I told him “I feel we need to go back down the main road…..” We went back down and turned down a random road I felt we needed to go. As we were trying to contact still nothing. At this point I was really questioning why we were supposed to come here. The very Last house we contacted we ended up finding a family, the father that is related to the branch president. In that very moment I felt and knew exactly why we were Lead there. 
I know that the spirit speaks to us and is constantly trying to lead us but it’s up to us if we decide to listen and to act upon what we feel or hear. Heavenly father knows us and everything we are faced with. We are not alone. If we feel we are walking by ourselves, stop what you are doing and seek to walk on his path rather than thinking our will or our path is always the right way. We can always improve and the best part is, we will always get credit for trying if we just keep pressing forward. Just like the saying, “there is light at the end of the tunnel”, it’s true, we just need to test/believe in ourselves to walk or do what we know to be right.  -Elder Hill

 Me and my Bro, Elder Hill

Playing in the Konongo Turkey Bowl!

 Helping with the move. Do you think anything will fall off?

Brother Ibrahim

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