Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Meal

Well what a great week it was in Nkawkaw, GH.
First of all, its getting so dang hot here... every day when we walk outside of the apartment, it feels like we are going into a sauna... One great thing about this area is that we have an Air conditioner in our room alone, and sometimes at night when its really hot, we kick it on for a little while to cool it down, cause its getting so hot in our apartment too. We don't have ceiling fans, and our standing fans are dying, so it is so dang hot at night these days.. but hey that is the experience of a lifetime i guess haha. 

This week was really a great one. We taught a lot of lessons, and have a lot of people who we really are hoping will progress towards baptism in December and January. We contacted a few people this week who we thought for sure would come to church, and up til Saturday night, they promise and promise that they will come in the morning, then Sunday morning comes, and they have disappeared off the face of the earth, their phone is off, and they don't show... its really discouraging to have that with so many people, but i don't know, i guess the rejection is getting normal.. 

The positives of the week was Thanksgiving Dinner, our branch president's wife made us a nice nice nice plate of rice and chicken, and i brought the instant potatoes and well, i definitely ate too much food, i could barely walk after the meal... it was so nice to eat (almost real) mashed potatoes!!

Then on Sunday, Bro Z. who we baptized on September 26, he finally came again for his confirmation, the problem is that the guy is so captured in poverty that he can never pass up an opportunity to go work for some small money. He has next to nothing. It is so sad and humbling to see circumstances like this for a human being. But he came to church, was confirmed, payed his tithing for the 2nd time, and contributed a lot during Sunday school and Priesthood meetings, so he really is doing great. 

Sunday afternoon, we went and saw a guy that Elder Hill and I contacted last week during our exchange. This guy is about 75 years old, his name is A. O., and he was the man who brought the Methodist Church to Nkawkaw many years ago. Well Elder Hill and I, last week, just kinda introduced ourselves and talked about the Church, cause he had a lot of questions, well Elder Nuamah and I went on Sunday and gave him a copy of the most correct book on the earth, the Book of Mormon. we read some passages in it, we explained why God still can add scriptures to the bible, and we challenged him to read and pray, I know he will do so. The man is smart and as soon as he started reading the Book of Mormon, he didn't want to stop, maybe that is cause we were reading in Alma 7 which is awesome, or maybe it was the Spirit, but either way, he really felt the power of the Book that day. I don't know if we will convert this guy, but if we do, wow, we could also get a HUGE congregation of Methodist members here in Nkawkaw as well. He wants us to come back next week Sunday so we will see what happens!!

Well those are the highlights of the week, this week will be another crazy one full of travelling and business. Wednesday and Thursday will be MLC, and then Saturday will be P day again due to the Ghana Presidential elections taking place next Wednesday the 7th, our transfer day is going to be on Monday the 5th so P day will be Saturday the 3rd. What a weird schedule but it'll be cool. I really hope i don't get transferred though, i would love to spend Christmas here in Nkawkaw.

thank you all for your love and support. I hope you have a great week!!

Love Elder Porritt

This was the plate of my thanksgiving dinner. it was beautiful.

The crew in Nkawkaw 2nd Branch.

 My guy Elder Stirling and I decorated the apartment real nice.

  Fresh tilapia given to us by a recent convert of the other elders, it was soooo nice!!

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