Monday, November 14, 2016

Warm Shower, Air Conditioning & Fruity Pebbles

Dear Fam,

This week was pretty cool, but it was so fast i dont even know what happened.  we started with a pretty good District Council on Tuesday, then Wednesday we went to Kumasi for our MLC (Mission Leadership Council) which was actually Thursday, but since we are far out of Kumasi, we travel the night before and then stay the night at the mission home, which is SOO AWESOME.  The nice things are that Wednesday, we got to go to KFC haha, then we slept in the nice air conditioning on Wednesday night, Then Thursday morning we took a nice warm shower due to the water heater in the mission home bathrooms, then we went upstairs and had a nice bowl of fruity pebbles with milk.... ahh it was so amazing, i love being at the mission home!! Well Leadership Council was really great as well, i really felt strongly the spirit of my diving calling as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that as a missionary, I am blessed to go each day and teach people about the Gospel, but more importantly, i get to testify to them that i know that the true Church of Jesus Christ was restored through a Prophet named Joseph Smith. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I promise you and everyone who may read this, that if you read the Book of Mormon, and apply its teachings, your life will improve, you will come closer to your Heavenly Father.

Well our investigators are kinda not doing too hot as a whole, but we do have one lady, Sister Eunice, who is looking really promising that we found this week. At the start of our first lesson with her she was asking just a bunch of questions about whether some things that her church practices are actually okay or not, we didnt just answer the questions, but we helped her to understand how Heavenly Father reveals truth, which isnt just to any man, but it is to men who are called and chosen and ordained as Prophets, who can receive revelation straight from the Father Himself.  Well as we helped her to understand this, she asked us straight up, where can we find someone like that, which is a great question to hear as a missionary that is for sure. We then testified of the ministry of the Savior Jesus Christ, and then we taught her about how the great apostasy brought many confusions to the earth, then the peak of the lesson came with the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  After this, she very willingly committed to read the Book of Mormon, to Pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and to be baptized. It was really a great lesson. So we are excited to see how she comes along, but she will be traveling a few days out of this week so we are just trying to find out when we can see her again.

The other great news is a baptism this week, not one that happened for me on my mission, but i was informed of it just a few minutes ago, and i am so proud of my man Kazon Hawes!! I cant believe the big guy is already 8 years old!! But when Coach Don told me that Kazon was baptized, i got really emotional. I am really touched from the kind words that i received, and Coach Don made it feel like I was a part of that baptism even though i wasnt able to be there, I have come to love Kazon and the whole Hawes Fam, and I know that one day Kazon will bring many into the waters of baptism himself when he serves a mission!! Im glad and honored that i have been able to have a small impact on him.

Well that is how my week went, i hope that all of you are doing great, i am doing great and loving the work. it is really going too fast, that is for sure. Keep reading and praying and you will continue to have strength come to you in your life. I love you all.

Elder Porritt

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