Monday, November 7, 2016

Overcoming Malaria

Dear Family,

Well this week was a great one as for teaching a lot of people, we really did a lot of work this week, and we have been seeing some improvement in our area and also some progression with some of our investigators. We have one kid, Francis, who we have taught a few times and he has even come to church a few times, he is like a nephew to Maxwell, our Elders Quorom President, and so Maxwell has been bringing him to church, we are just trying to help him to have a desire to learn about the Gospel. Other than Francis, this week was a LOT of finding new people. Basically all we did all week was talk to new people, finding new investigators, and inviting people to church. It was a tiring week but it was a good one. 

Some good news is that this week i really felt great all week, just a little fatigued from being sick last week, but all the symptoms of malaria have left long time now. 

Some crappy news is that i got sick again last night, it's not anything serious this time though. Last night we had a huge dinner to break our fast, and about an hour after eating, all of us kinda were feeling sick, so we thought it was the food, but nobody had anything wrong happen, but last night i got it good from that dinner. I woke up the first time at 3am, and threw up, went back to bed, was up again at 5 to throw up again and also added some runny tummy, went back to bed and really tried to get some sleep cause my stomach was turning all sorts of ways and places, and then i was up again at 8 for round three of throw up... then from 8am-5pm i was alternating between bed and toilet adding two more rounds of vomit at noon and then 5:30. Well needless to say its been a tough day haha but im up and walking a little now and we are here at the internet cafe, we will be heading back in a few minutes so i can go for #6 in the bucket... so yeah i had some great food poisoning today.. 

well im thankful for all of your prayers and love and support, i love you all very much and i hope you have a wonderful week!!

love Elder Porritt

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