Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A touching letter from Elder Antwi

This is touching letter from our other son, Elder Antwi.  I had written to him and told him how grateful I was that Elder Porritt had decided to serve a mission and what a blessing it was that he was called to serve in the Ghana, Kumasi mission.  I then told him, "what if..what if Elder Porritt hadn't gotten himself ready to serve a mission"?  What if Elder Porritt and him had never met and became brothers?  Here is part of his letter back to me:

May our God bless the family,extend my greetings to everyone,execially my dear grand mum.

We will be having #lighttheworld here too in Benin city but
I and my companion have an old lady we used to visit her,she is 82yrs,she also a member but now she don't go to church regularly because of situation but they bring her sacrament every Sunday.We have planned that we will visit her in Christmas and render special service to her, we take our hymn books with us so that we can sing her. 

Mummy I remembered, one evening  I went for institute class I was very hungry and that time I don't  have money to buy food,but i prayed to my Heavenly Father as Enos in the Book did and I know that God will make away for me to find food to eat. Elder Porritt gave me his fried rice and chicken, delicious one😂😂.Mummy I have seen so many missionaries white and black but God knows why He brought  Elder Porritt in my life, His advise he gave to me that day. He encouraged me to come on mission. He is my brother, he is white and am black but we are one people. 

Mummy thanks very much and always  remember me in prayers because now am not feeling well at all.

Elder Antwi

(Elder Antwi has since returned to Ghana to receive some medical help for his illness).  Here are some pictures of him.  He is such a special young man.  He loves his Father in Heaven and wants to serve Him!  Our family is beyond blessed to have been able to meet him and be able to send our support over to him.  He is Elder Porritt's Brother and he is our Son.

 Elder Antwi

 Elder Antwi serving with other missionaries in the district.

 Elder Porritt & Elder Antwi

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